Mad about Decoupage!


I love Decoupage.   I love Orange is the new Black too but that would be a whole , other blog post.

Decoupage for me is a way to express my creative side .   I  can’t draw a straight line and often get frustrated how what I see in my head looks on the page.   So discovering decoupage was a revelation, one I would love to share with you!

To me , decoupage is using any paper to decorate a surface, to  transform something tired or ugly into something beautiful .   The important thing is the finish – the image shouldn’t look ‘stuck on ‘  , there should be no halo of glue.  The highest compliment you can get is to be asked if it was hand painted .    I have used computer print outs,  napkins, tissue paper,  wrapping paper,  wallpaper and vintage maps .  All can give great effect if used on the right project, in the right way.

I hope to use this blog to share my love of decoupage, in all it’s forms.  To bring you examples of work I admire and to share tips and techniques for you to use in your work.

I also want to spotlight different products from my page to show you how they should be used and give examples of the effects you can achieve.

I’d loved to know  what you would like me to cover first .  I’d also love to see your work .    So get in touch either here or by emailing

Prepare to be addicted!



One thought on “Mad about Decoupage!

  1. The very best of luck to you Liz. I love the whole aspect of Decoupage and I am dying to learn. Am I right In thinking you are teaching a class in Galway? I hope it’s the one I’m going to. Can’t wait to get started 🙂


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