Halloween Madness – Decoupaged Pumpkins.

I couldn’t resist these little pumpkins in my local supermarket.  At only 69c each ……..perfect for decoupage!!!!


Here’s how I did it……

First clean the outside of the pumpkin and paint white.  I used Daily Art Vintage Paint.


 I then got my Daily Art Decoupage Glue, Flat Brush ,  napkin out.


Then I glued each piece on .  gluing over not under the napkin – this is a bit of an awkward photo  as was holding the brush and camera at the same time but  hopefully you get the idea 🙂


Here is a picture half way through.    I used the checkered bits of the napkin to fill in the gaps with the bigger pieces of napkin.    I did the top half, let it dry and then flipped over to do the bottom.


The blue one was even easier.  I  made sure to paint the pumpkin well and then just tore out the motifs from a napkin and glued straight on.

The pumpkins should keep well for a week or two outside so might do a layer of varnish  to protect and then the jobs a good un!

All products (apart from the pumpkin)  available to buy at www.decoupage.ie my online shop for all things decoupage.     Feel free to share your creations on our facebook group  Decoupage Ireland


Happy Halloween to you all!